Summit Scale

Summit Scale 400+



Speakers 40+



Sponsors 15+



Media 50+

Conference Background

In recent years, a new trend has shown in China's solid waste treatment market. The domestic waste market has expanded from urban to rural areas with the rapid increase of waste incineration power plants and more and more attention has been paid to the treatment of hazardous waste, industrial solid waste, kitchen waste and construction waste. In China, the development of solid waste treatment lagged behind water treatment and air pollution control. As the country continues to release new policies and much capital is invested, the solid waste treatment market will continue to grow in 2019.

In order to delve into the far-reaching impact of national industrial policies on the solid waste industry and rationally judge the development and investment direction of the solid waste market, the 3rd International Solid Waste & Soil Remediation Summit will be held in Beijing to discuss hot topics such as waste incineration, biomass power generation, hazardous waste treatment and resource utilization. On the basis of the second session, the soil and groundwater remediation forum is newly added in this session. Well-known environmental protection enterprises at home and abroad gathered together to analyze such a promising market, and to seize the important development opportunity in the solid waste industry through business model transformation and technological upgrading.
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Parallel Forum 1

Solid Waste & Hazardous Waste

Parallel Forum 2

Soil-groundwater remediation

Parallel Forum 1: Treatment and Waste-to-Resource Utilization of Biomass wastes

Parallel Forum 2: Hazardous Waste

Parallel Forum 3: Soil-groundwater remediation

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Industry Segments

Biomass solid fuel preparation

Hazardous waste

Cement kiln

Waste incineration

Flue gas treatment


Biomass gasification

Incineration catalyst

Engineering design institute

EPC contractor

Incineration gas

Flue gas dioxin treatment agent milling

Plasma gasification

R&D design

Pharmaceutical production

Equipment supplier

Pollution monitoring

Environmental consulting agency

Landfill leachate treatment


Summit highlights

10+ roundtable discussions encouraging more engagement

400+ participants are expected with optimized company and

individual profile

150+ solid and hazardous waste treatment EPCs and

executives of soil recovery engineering

Interpretation of policies from more perspectives by more

government officials; PPP Center of Ministry of Finance;

Ministry of Ecological Environment; MOHURD…

3 specific sessions for biomass waste treatment and recycling;

hazardous waste; soil-groundwater recovery

International speakers

New cocktail/roundtable dinner with participant table cards for

more networking opportunities

External promotion for sponsors with new media approaches